There is nothing better than having an outdoor living space. Getting the whole family out to enjoy fresh air, cooking, and playing games. However, sometimes, with everyone being outside, there tends to be lots of stuff out on the porch as well, such as games, blankets, dishes, toys and more. So, where do you put it all, without having to carry it all back inside after every use? A lot of people put artificial grass on their deck.

People and retailers have come up with all types of ingenious products and ideas for storage of such things. Construction companies, when building decks, and porches now incorporate wood benches into the railing sides that also have storage. If you have a pool, you can store all kinds of pool toys in them, the water just drips through the cracks in the wood, so no mess.

Places like Lowes and Home Depot sell hard plastic storage benches or even closet type structures, for you to put towels, and yard games, or yard tools. Many people take advantage of raised porches. They have them enclosed to put all kinds of things. People who have boats, store all the boat necessities under there, as well as push mowers too.

Re-purposing comes to mind when coming up with ideas for storage. Everyone is recycling used wooden pallets and are coming up with new uses for them. If hung a certain way, they become planters. Another person added some features with chains to make it a drop-down bar, complete with wine glasses hanging in it. They can also be hung along the fence, and gardening tools hung on them.

Some people have taken old wine barrels, made doors in them for storage, then attached a piece of round glass on top as a table. One man an ingenious large box-type storage unit, that has a pull-out section, to put bikes on then push back closed. On top is a raised flower/vegetable garden. There are many commercial products to be used for storage too. Tired of hoses laying everywhere but hate those crank up thingies. Get this oversized planter that has a hole in the bottom for the end of the hose to come out, nice and neat. Having a large party, then you need a large cooler full of ice. A unique resin wicker table for everyday use turns into a cooler when the top is taken off, for storing cold beverages. Another table has a hidden wine bucket in it. There are many products and ideas, you just have to search.