Creating a fun and inviting outdoor living space is great for you and your family to enjoy but can also help you get the most return on your investment you put into a home. Homes with outdoor living space tend to be more marketable and are more likely to attract a potential buyer since spending time outside in the comfort of your own space is something very valuable. Six of the best outdoor living trends you can add to your home to get the most return on investment include, adding an in-ground pool, building a deck, put up a gazebo room, plant a beautiful outdoor garden, add a recreational area and put up a fence. San Diego Contractors are already excelling at adding features that create a higher home value.

Installing an In ground Pool
When you put in an in ground pool you are not only creating a more fun environment at your home but your also adding a great investment. Pools are the number one thing families covet for their own outdoor space and if you have one at your home you are far more likely to not only sell the home but get a premium price for it.
Build a deck
Who doesn’t love a nice deck are to hang out on? By adding a deck you are increasing the amount of outdoor living space while also making your home more cozy and inviting.
Put Up a Gazebo
Whether you build it or buy it, a gazebo is a fun little addition that will add value to anyone’s back yard. Gazebo’s look nice while also serving a purpose, when you have people over for picnics or parties the gazebo is extra space to hang out and be outdoors without really being outdoors.
Plant a Garden
Garden’s are a great way to increase the value of your outdoor living space. With a garden you will likely see a return on your investment simply because it doesn’t cost a lot to get it started, mostly just hard work and time. Gardens are appealing because you can grow your own food and save money on produce during the warmer months.
Outdoor Recreational Area
Another great way to spruce up your backyard and see a return on your investment is by adding a fun recreational space. Anything from a basketball court to a volleyball net with real sand to play in will really make your home fun and unique.
Put Up a Fence
Finally, by putting up a fence you are adding loads of value to your home and will definitely see the return to that investment. Fences are costly but very much worth it if you have pets and small children at your home.