Remember when you were a kid? It was not always fun at the playground or even on the swing set in the back yard. Someone always got hurt when they hit the ground. Whether it was concrete, grass, or sand. Many scratches, bruises, and even broken limbs happen out there. Grass and sand attract bugs. Sand attracts cats, and concrete, well that is just asking for injuries.
So, what do you do, to protect your little ones while they are outside playing? Why not invest in artificial turf for your play area? Public playgrounds are now required to make the grounds safer where they land to minimize injuries. Many now use artificial turf as their choice. Artificial turf has a softer cushiony landing than hard grass. Wood chips are nice too, however, they tend to wash away in rainstorms, and kids have a tendency to carry them off as well. To test out the feel you can visit a showroom at your nearest artificial grass company.
When the kids trip and fall on this surface, they don’t get scratched up as much, which leads to less crying, and sad kiddies. Playgrounds are supposed to be happy places, right? The surface is much softer to land on. One of the best parts of using artificial turf is maintenance. There isn’t any. No cutting the grass, weeding around structures, or watering. It also has drainage, so you won’t have puddles, as with regular grass.
Some more benefits are that anyone can cross the playground on it. If you have a wheelchair, crutches, or cane, it is easy to travel on, no sand, or random holes in the ground. It also makes for a cleaner playground. There is no dirt or mud tracked on slides or ladders. It is also very durable in all types of weather. A very hot Summer can destroy grass that is constantly traveled on, but not with artificial turf.
Artificial Grass Companies have come a long way from the older days. It looks nice. The best part is, you can choose whatever color you want, to customize your area. It comes in green, blue, black, white, and red. This makes it a more fun place to spark children’s imagination. Make a spot to look like a beach, add a blue area, for water, green for grass, and maybe even red for whatever you choose.
Artificial turf can be used wherever you want. It does not have to just be outside. You can have a room in a daycare for the kids to play on. It could be a room used for when the kids can’t go outside, or if the daycare is in a multi-floor building. Make sure to let your imagination soar and get yours today!